Remembering My Moment with Lady Thatcher

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Coalfields to Cornfields

I was in the car this morning when I heard the news of the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. I lingered in the car in the office parking lot to listen to the entire NPR report on her life and death. I felt sad for the loss of such a giant figure, even though she left the public stage many years ago; inspired by her legacy; and reflective on my brief time in her presence.

She has been described as “divisive, yet revered,” “a political bruiser,” “a controversial figure” with an “immense” legacy,” and “a great leader.” All of these are likely true. She became the first female prime minister in 1979, a time when women were not likely candidates to lead powerful countries in the western world (or anywhere). Yet, she did not make her gender an issue; she…

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